Dan, your piece is so so good. Thank you. I do have to trim [the article] here and there, but I’ll try my best to keep it intact. You did a tremendous job.

— Elizabeth Semrai, News & Travel Editor, The Daily

* * *

Hi Dan: Thanks for the article. Of about 25 feature articles written about the Bullfrog, yours was the most insightful, humanistic, and technically sound. You turned my ramblings into something worthwhile and I wasn’t embarrassed by the outcome.

— Bob Koch, Owner, Bullfrog Brewery (Williamsport, Pa.)

* * *

Dan: Brilliant job on the Heartschallenger piece. Our deputy editor and I both love it. And if you ever have other story ideas that you’d like to pitch Paste, please send those along as well.

— Nick Marino, Managing Editor, Paste 

* * *

Dan: GREAT post! At this point if we hadn’t already spoken on the phone once I’d think you were making all this up. It really does read like fiction but in the most wonderful, positive sense of the word.

— Nicole Perri, Managing Editor, Tango

* * *

Big Dan: I love your positive kick butt attitude towards your business. You sure as heck sound as though you are on the way to some successes. Keep in touch, when your bankroll reaches $1 million we’ll celebrate (and I know it will). Regards to your wife, may you both have a fabulous 2009.

Richard Kinsler, Former publisher of Playboy, New York and Mademoiselle

* * *

I really like this article Dan. I’ve never met Joshua but it almost feels like I have. I would want to meet him too having read your article, which is probably the best kind of praise for any tribute. Reading this reminds me a little of one of my favorite feature writers, Tom Junod, who writes for Esquire.

Blake Jennelle, Founder, Philly Startup Leaders & Instinct

* * *

The work you do for us is consistently excellent, Dan, and I appreciate your attention to detail.

— Karen Jordan, Senior Editor, Northstar Travel Media

* * *

This is really lovely, Dan. Thanks so much…

— Sheena Lester, Arts Editor, Philadelphia Weekly

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