[Podcast Interview]
Beyond the Book, podcast, publishing, Copyright Clearance Center Beyond The Book #324: A New Chief for TeleRead
Originally aired October 14, 2012

During the very earliest days of my stint as editor-in-chief of TeleRead, the world’s oldest-known website devoted exclusively to the business of e-books and digital publishing, I was invited to appear as a guest on the Copyright Clearance Center’s fantastic podcast, Beyond The Book.

Podcast host Christopher Kenneally and I discussed the latest legal and cultural happenings in the e-book space, although it’s probably worth bearing in mind that this interview took place way back in the autumn of 2012 — a heck of a long time ago as far as the digital publishing universe in concerned.

Click here to listen to other episodes of the incredibly well-produced Beyond the Book, which describes itself as “a podcast series on the business of writing and publishing.” It’s one I recommend all self-employed writers and independent publishers pay especially close attention to.

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[Television Interview]
KDKA-TV/CBS Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Today Live
Originally aired Summer 2011

Not long after the publication of the second edition of Moon Pittsburgh, a guidebook I update every few years for Avalon Travel, I appeared as a guest on KDKA-TV’s “Pittsburgh Today Live” with host Kristine Sorenson. The interview includes a brief discussion of my travel writing career, and a few can’t-miss suggestions for anyone planning an upcoming trip to Pittsburgh.

KDKA TV 2 PittsburghFun fact: The show’s other guests on the day of my interview included the winners of a local beauty pageant and an entire six-man motocross team. One of the motocross riders had to sit in the waiting room while his teammates were interviewed because there wasn’t enough room on the set. He was bummed. Understandably.

Click here to buy a copy of Moon Pittsburgh’s 3rd edition, which was published on June 24, 2014.

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[Live Talk Show]
The Waffle Shop: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Recorded and live-streamed summer 2011

The Waffle Shop, Pittsburgh: A live talk show (Summer 2011)

The Waffle Shop was a conceptual art project started by Carnegie Mellon University art instructor Jon Rubin. It operated as an actual waffle shop and cafe, but it doubled as a live talk show studio; anyone who wanted to could host their own talk show onstage, while the cafe’s patrons served as the audience. I hosted an hour-long show as a promotion for the second edition of Moon Pittsburgh (Avalon Travel); my guests were three well-known Pittsburgh entrepreneurs whose businesses were reviewed in the guidebook. (Click the image to view the video)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Discovering Pittsburgh with Dan Eldridge
Moon Author Q&A Series;

A Travel Writer Comes Home
IN Upper St. Clair; Winter 2011 (PDF, page 49)

Day Tripper Gets to Know Millvale with ‘Pittsburgh’ Guidebook Author Dan Eldridge
AOL Patch; October 13, 2011

Author Q&A with Travel Writer Dan Eldridge
Write On! Online; October 09, 2007

A Local Writer’s Take on Pittsburgh for Visitors Joins the Moon Guidebook Series
Pittsburgh City Paper; August 16, 2007

A Quirky Guide to Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; June 17, 2007

Slow-jamming the Alt-Weeklies; October 22, 2009

Having Your Cake & Eating It Too
Yahoo!; March 25, 2008

Inside WWOOF
World Hum; July 15, 2005

Young Pioneers Debuts
World Hum; April 21, 2004

Even Born and Raised Yinzers Need Moon Pittsburgh; September 01, 2011

Contest: Share Your Most Epic Pittsburgh Memory to Win a Copy of Moon Pittsburgh!; September 01, 2011

Pittsburgh: Discover the Cultural Delights of the Steel City
Pennsylvania Magazine; Fall 2011

For the Love of Travel Guidebooks: Offline Guides to Pittsburgh and Beyond
I Heart Pittsburgh; July 25, 2011

Moon Travel Series Writers at Waffle Shop
Pittsburgh City Paper; September 02, 2011

Radio Coverage

Ira Glass interview, for Resonance Magazine
Radio Active: “This American Life” host makes journalism’s most antiquated medium fun again.

  • This link includes a twelve-part interview with Ira Glass, recorded at KUOW 94.9 FM in Seattle. It also includes a feature article about Ira Glass that was published in Resonance magazine and Boise State Radio Inprint, the magazine of Boise State Public Radio.
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