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I’m Dan Eldridge, a freelance writer and guidebook author based in Philadelphia.

Dan EldridgeI frequently write about the publishing industry, business and creative entrepreneurship, economic development, urban affairs, travel, and all manner of cultural oddities.

My byline has appeared in The New York TimesColumbia Journalism Review, The Daily TelegraphHouston ChroniclePastePittsburgh Post-GazetteDealerscope, The BarkPhiladelphia Weekly, Pittsburgh City Paper, Seattle Magazine, Next American CityGrid, Publishing Executive, Book Business, Whole Life Times, and dozens of other print and online outlets.

I’m the author of all three editions of Moon Pittsburgh (Avalon Travel), and the co-author of Lonely Planet guidebooks to Turkey, Thailand, the Philippines and New England.

I’m a graduate of the Transitions Online Foreign Correspondent Training Course in Prague, Czech Republic. I’ve also attended the Book Passage Travel Writers Conference in Corte Madera, Calif.

I currently serve on the board of the Writers Emergency Assistance Fund (WEAF), an ASJA charitable organization.


>>> New work forthcoming in The New York Times, Columbia Journalism ReviewPublishing Executive, Grid, Flying Kite, and others

Grid Magazine September 2014Publishing Executive August 2014Columbia Journalism ReviewThe Bark Summer 2014

(New!) Columbia Journalism Review | Gun Crisis Reporting Project uncovers despair: The Philadelphia-based nonprofit provides a behind-the-scenes look at gun-assisted crime

(New!) Grid | Household Name: Postgreen’s new green building project Awesometown aims to live up to its name

(New!) Publishing Executive | Spreading the World’s Game: Eight by Eight attracts an international readership, both at home and abroad.

(New!) Publishing Executive | Multi-Platform Politics: The Washington Examiner rises from the ashes of newsprint.

(New!) Publishing Executive | The Art of Fishing: Glossy Anglers Journal proves the power of print.

(New!) Book Business | The State of the University Press: In today’s fast-paced publishing world, even university presses—those infamously conservative and slow-to-change houses—are working hard to alter the industry from the inside out.

(New!) Publishing Executive | Empowering ContentSay Media CEO Matt Sanchez on the strengths of point-of-view content and the benefits of publishing platforms that serve readers, editors and marketers.

(New!) Moon Travel Guides | A Walking Public Art Tour of Downtown Pittsburgh

(Always New!) Visit the Development News and Innovation News departments of Flying Kite, where I currently serve as news editor. Published by the Detroit-based Issue Media Group, Flying Kite is an online weekly magazine covering the growth of the new economy in Philadelphia.

Publishing Executive | Empowering ContentSay Media CEO Matt Sanchez on the strengths of point-of-view content and the benefits of publishing platforms that serve readers, editors and marketers.

The Bark | Have a Beer, Save a Dog: Weyerbacher Brewing Company shows its canine love, one IPA at a time.

Keystone Edge On the Factory Floor in the Keystone StateWhether you want to see the chips fry, the pretzels twist or the Harleys rev, Southeastern Pennsylvania offers some of the best factory tours in the country. Start planning your trip now.

Book Business | Have You Heard? Audiobooks are booming. Here’s what you need to know.

Publishing Executive | Southern Personality: Garden & Gun publisher Rebecca Darwin discusses how she built a national audience around regional charm.

Publishing Executive | Everywhere, All of the Time: To meet the needs of digital fragmentation, Reader’s Digest embraces cross-platform collaboration.

 Keystone Edge | Culture Shock! Pennsylvania’s Artisan Cheese Movement Spreads the Love: Sure, the state’s ascendent cheese scene boosts farmers and cheesemakers, but it also feeds an ecosystem of writers, artists, educators, eaters and retail experts.

Keystone Edge | The Lehigh Valley’s Craft Beer Scene Comes of Age: What started with a trio of thirsty brothers and a corner bar has evolved into a thriving industry and a vital part of the area’s identity.

Flying Kite | The Battle for the Future of Washington Avenue West in South Philly: City planners, residents and local businesses all claim to share a vision for this promising thoroughfare — so why is change so slow?

Keystone Edge | Gallery-Worthy Bike Racks to Sprout in Center City Philadelphia: Thanks a Knight Arts Challenge grant, cyclists will have interesting new places to lock up.

Keystone Edge | From Dream to Drink — How to Start a Craft Brewery in Pennsylvania: Launching a microbrewery is nowhere near as lucrative or romantic as many beer geeks think. But for those intent on chasing the sudsy glory, we’ve got some insider advice.

Columbia Journalism Review | From the magazine’s Currents department, a look at The Pen & Pencil Club in Philadelphia, one of the oldest reporter bars in the nation

Columbia Journalism Review | From the magazine’s Currents department, a look at Eightbar, a Daniel Clowes-themed pub located inside’s Baltimore’s legendary Atomic Books

The New York Times | Friendly and Free (and Going Across the Country)

The Daily | Drink Your Phil: City of Brotherly Love is also the city of amazing craft beers

The Daily | Why even non-skiers should consider a mountain resort vacation this winter

Resonance | Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know: Isaac Brock finds a home with Ugly Cassanova

Resonance | Daniel Johnston: His so-called life

Dealerscope | MyBell Wins Big at CE Week Next Top Makers Pitch Night

Dealerscope | Stream TV’s Glasses-Free 3D Technology is Nearly Here

Book Business | Getting Your Words’ Worth: Do we still need the dictionary?

Dealerscope | Retail Pros Discuss Full Solution Strategies

Dealerscope | Responding to Internet Outrage, Apple Reverses EPEAT Stand

Pittsburgh City Paper | A new national art magazine launches by featuring Pittsburgh

Philadelphia Weekly | Local writing centers pick up where traditional classrooms leave off

Venture | Tempting Thailand: A Land of Two Halves [PG.4]

Paste | Finally! An ice-cream truck that collectors of obscure Japanese toys can appreciate

Pittsburgh Magazine | Step by Step: A Pittsburgh geographer explores the city via its paths of ascent and descent.

Pittsburgh Magazine | Techtonic Shifts: There may not be as many Internet whiz kids getting rich as there were in the late ’90s–but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there

Whole Life Times | Cool to Be Kind: The Kindness Cab delivers a goodwill message

Philadelphia Weekly | This Master’s Degree Kills Fascists: Joshua Marcus resurrects Philly folk

Made Man | A Son, A Mother and a Tsunami

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Hare Krishna farm community of New Vrindaban gives instant karma

Houston Chronicle | Soaking in the Soul of Thailand

The Next American City | Making the Cut: Detroit, Mich.

The Next American City | A Turnaround Brews [PDF]

Philadelphia Weekly | Mural Arts Helping At-Risk Kids Develop Sense of Community

Philadelphia Weekly | Meet Philly’s Unlikeliest Porn Kings

Mediabistro | A Farang in Paradise

Pittsburgh City Paper | On organic farms around the world, travelers are rediscovering the simple life

Pittsburgh City Paper | All across Pittsburgh, punks are snapping up houses and settling down

Pittsburgh City Paper | Why does Mike Speranzo think Mr. Smalls can survive?


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